...lighting the world, one house at a time...

     CRBest Creative Lighting provides design and production of unconventional interior and exterior lighting for the discriminating homeowner. Our process begins with the homeowners ideas, and ends with a happy customer. The customer is in control of all design features from conception to completion. We at CRBest Creative Lighting pride ourselves in satisfying the customer. At CRBest, the customer is Number One.

     All our projects begin with a design consultation with a prospective customer, to determine their wants and needs. Then our Design Team determines what is necessary to achieve the customer's goals. The Design Team then produces the necessary artwork for approval by the customer. Once the customer is happy with the design, the Engineering Team goes to work in close coordination with the Construction and Installation Teams, doing all that is necessary to produce the lighting environment desired by the customer. Frequently the customer's goals are reached with innovative use of readily available lighting and fixtures, but sometimes, due to the custom nature of design, it is necessary to fabricate a one-off design. CRBest Creative Lighting has developed innovative utilization of products that are unique in the field of landscape lighting, helping to create a relaxing, pleasant environment.

     CRBest Creative Lighting has made a committment to the world of tomorrow, by utilizing genuine "Made in America" products whenever possible, and we have made great advances in seeking out "green" products - products that will help guarantee our children's future, and preserve nature. With the advances in low current, low impact LED lighting, CRBest Creative Lighting has

     We hope that you will allow us to participate in creating your dreams.